Angelababy says she is grateful -- for having unflattering photos of herself in the past

30 July 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago
In the film, Temporary Family, Angelababy is said to have gotten heavier makeup to make her skin look darker.

She was also supposed to act rough during the shoot. This dark makeup of her reportedly stirred up past rumours of her having cosmetic surgery, reports Hktopten.

Regarding these allegations, she said she will not be upset over this. She added that since everyone felt that she has changed, she has succeeded.

Also, she felt that everyone had a time in their lives when they did not know how to dress up.

Angelababy was instead grateful that she had some of these not so great-looking photos to show how far she has come, despite her being criticised online.

This, she said, gave her the chance to work even harder. 

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