Angelababy embroiled in yet another plastic surgery scandal -- after appearing on Running Man

23 October 2014 / 2 years 1 day ago

Angelababy recently appeared in the Chinese edition of popular Korean variety show, Running Man <奔跑吧, 兄弟> as one of the main participants.

While this has boosted her profile in Mainland China, it has also brought her looks under scrutiny, reviving the rumors that she had undergone plastic surgery, reports Jayne Stars.

The initial plastic surgery rumors previously arose due to the publication of photographs of an adolescent Angelababy. In those photographs, she had on braces and looked very different from how she currently looks.

The speculations gradually faded, after repeated refutations by Angelababy and her management. 

However, a new wave of plastic surgery gossip emerged as a result of the audience analyzing Angelababy’s onscreen appearance in Running Man: Chinese Edition.

Many sharp-eyed viewers asserted that Angelababy’s chin looks “unnaturally pointy”, implying that this was the result of cosmetic procedures.

This sparked outrage among Angelababy’s fans, who accused viewers of being unfair and malicious. Nevertheless, viewers who made the allegations refused to back down, and both camps have been engaged in a fierce war of words online.

In response to the fresh wave of rumors, Angelababy’s manager, Kim, was furious and has issued a stern warning, “We have already refuted the plastic surgery rumors over and over again. It is frustrating and there is really no need to respond to further allegations.

"However, if we come across any defamatory statements, we will be pursuing legal action. Please be careful about what you say!”

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