Angela Tong due to give birth on March 17?

6 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

The cast of TVB drama serial Inbound Troubles, which boasted the likes of Angela Tong, Roger Kwok, Wong Cho Lam, Joey Meng, Bob Lam, Siu Bo (Sai Sai Lap) and Wong Keung Leung, attended a dinner celebration hosted by Norman Leung on Monday (Mar 04). TVB executives Virgina Lok and Au Wai Lam were there as well.TVB News World reported that the pregnant Angela Tong, who is expected to be due to give birth on Mar 17, attended the celebration as well and revealed she gained 60 pounds. Angela already got her haircut and prepared to deliver her baby girl. She was apologetic for being half and hour late. During the interview, Angela asked reporters not to take pictures because she wanted to sit with her legs spread apart since that's more comfortable and didn't want people to think she's not elegant. Reporters mentioned Angela's cup size increased, she knew it would happen and that she'll be breastfeeding her baby. Angela revealed she has already named her baby girl Alyssa (the name originated from Greece, it is a small white flower from the Mediterranean sea). Her father-in-law (Chin Kar Lok's father) is responsible for the Chinese name. Angela is expected to due on the 17th, she frankly expressed she's already feeling nervous because she feels her belly dropping and she's getting leg cramps frequently. Asked if she already prepared the baby products? She said: "I didn't buy anything yet, just bought some new bras. My friends have many baby products that I could use. Mimi Lo told me I don't have to buy any clothing, she already has a full bag of baby clothes for me. (Are you scared of going into labour?) Yeah, I've gained 60 pounds. The fat went to my thighs, buttock and I even have stretch marks. My fingers swelled up so much, I can't even put my wedding ring on."

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