Andy Lau takes China company to court for misusing his pics

31 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Andy Lau has sued a lumber company based in China when a picture of him from a promotional poster of a 2008 film was found on the packaging of the company's products and website.According to a Mingpao report, the case was heard in a Changzhou court on Wednesday (May 30). There, Lau's legal representative told the court that the celebrity's reputation had enormous commercial value, and that the Jiangsu company had used Lau's image to help promote its its wooden file, wallpaper and other products without obtaining prior authorisation.The lawyers asked for the court to issue an order to stop the defendant from committing further copyright infringement and to recall the product involved from national retailers.They also wanted the company to issue a public apology and pay compensation of RMB500,000 (S$102,700). In defence of their client, the company's legal team stated that it did not violate Lau's image and signature rights with malice, as it said it had a contract with a Beijing advertising company which authorised the usage.Ultimately, the judge ruled that whether or not the contract had granted permission or not, the defendant has committed copyright violation nonetheless as they had used Lau's image excessively.After the court session ended, both parties stated that they were, willing to enter mediation talks.

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