Andy Lau pays his last respects to White Dragon King

26 August 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Andy Lau Tak Wa yesterday headed to Thailand to pay his respect to the White Dragon King.

According to HKTopTen, he arrived at the White Dragon King Temple after noon. When Madame welcomed her, they embraced in consolation.

He was dressed in white as he walked barefoot into the hall to present incense sticks to the Master and pray.

Andrew Lau Wai Keung was also on hand to accompany the White Dragon King's widow. Wa Jai revealed that the White Dragon King was like a father and a very close person to him.

Wa Jai's appearance at the White Dragon Temple drew a lot of attention as many took his photos and posted them online.

Wa Jai and the White Dragon King's daughter Pet hug and took photos with Pet and her son, they got along as harmoniously as a family; Wa Jai and Madame and other believers took a photo in front of the White Dragon King's photo.

Then he participated in the ceremony and stayed until 2PM before leaving.

Wa Jai spoke to TVB Entertainment News Station. He said that he has known the Master for almost 30 years.

The White Dragon King was like his father, treated him very well like a very close person to him.

When asked about the White Dragon King's advice, he said, "The Master told me to eat slower." Madame heard that and laughed.

Due to work at the end of the month he will be unable to attend the Master's funeral.

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