Andy Lau has a temper -- and says he knows just how to use it

16 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Despite his public image as a mild-mannered gentleman, Andy readily admitted that he gets angry and scolds others when he is in a negative state of mind.

“I’m actually not that different from a normal person,” he said. “I have a temper as well…. If someone isn’t concentrating on his or her work, I will get angry. It’s okay to make a mistake, but to be inattentive is not okay.”

According to a report on HunanTV, anger is also a way for Andy to defuse conflicts, especially on set – something to which he has to pay more attention now that he is a film producer.

“Sometimes getting angry can finish an issue quickly and let things start over again,” he shared.

“Anger is a type of art. If there is emotional backlash between a director and his boss or with an actor, you might be able to stabilize their moods by getting angry.”

His ability to control other people’s moods is a result of working at his family’s store when he was young.

Because his mother was in charge of the kitchen, and his older sister was responsible for the money, Andy was sent to chat with the customers and take care of them.

“I’m accustomed to controlling the moods of many people to make them happy,” he said.

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