Andy Lau denies seeking physician's help to get wife pregnant -- twice

2 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

It was reported by Hong Kong magazine Sudden Weekly that Andy brought his wife to see Chinese physician Ma Ching Ki 6 months ago. After 2 months, Carol was successfully pregnant and is supposedly at 15 weeks to date.

As 47-year-old Carol had a premature birth for her first baby due to the baby being too light, Andy continued to seek help from Physician Ma to ensure both baby and mum's safety this time, reports Tvbnewsworld.

Physician Ma who is 90 years old, has been in the trade for 40 years. She mastered acupuncture therapy from a nun when she she was young, pursued medical training from four great doctors in China, before getting a Doctor of Medical Science in U.S.A. Andy was recommended by friends to look for her.

Andy had kept  his love relationship a secret for 24 years, and his marriage for 14 months. He denied his wife’s first pregnancy, and also denied this second pregnancy allegation.

It is said that when Andy first brought Carol to see Physician Ma, she told them: “Not that it will be successful, but you must relax and let nature take its own course, then the chances will be higher.”

Carol followed her instructions to have massages on several points. With Chinese medication, she successfully got pregnant within two months. In August 2013, Carol was photographed seeing a Chinese physician in Causeway Bay.

Physician Ma is well known in Hong Kong showbiz as her patients includes Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Carina Lau, Chow Yun Fat and Jackey Cheung.

Normally, those who are successfully pregnant will stop consulting her. However, as Andy’s daughter only weighs 2450 grams, and in addition to Carol’s age and weak health, he is worried that the baby’s weight will not be enough, and thus still continues consulting her. During Andy’s birthday in September, he was given a peaceful amulet to bless Carol and the baby's safety.

When the magazine approached Physician Ma, the reporter did not reveal his identity and Physician Ma admitted that Carol had visited her. She said: “Small issue, artistes are also humans.”

After the reporter revealed himself and continued questioning, Ma answered to the point. When asked: “Heard that Andy Lau’s wife also visited you?” She said: “A lot of artistes' wives visited me.” When asked: “How many visits then will it become successful?” She answered: “Very hard to calculate for you, everyone is different.”

When Andy was interviewed at the airport on 27 September and asked if he’s going to be a father again, he replied: “I told you before that I’m not, sorry.” When asked about visiting Physician Ma, he immediately kept his mouth shut: “I’m not talking about this, sorry.”

When the matter was brought u with Andy’s management company, the reply was: “Thanks for your concern, really there’s no such thing.”

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