Andy Lau and Lin Chiling demonstrate the 'love hug'

15 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

The Hong Kong premiere of Switch was held at Kwun Tong’s apm mall on 10 June 2013, Andy Lau and Lin Chiling attended the event as it attracted thousands of fans whom jam packed the shopping mall. The appearance of Andy and Chiling immediately raised the “temperature‘ of the mall as the fans kept screaming.Sexy Taiwanese goddness whom wore a black translucent dress with laces on the side, showing off another kind of sexy. Both of them also demonstrated the “love hug‘ which made everybody excited.In addition, Andy and Chiling demonstrated the “love hug‘ in-front thousands. Andy exclaimed that they demonstrated once during an interview but exposed that they hugged many times in the film but quipped that hugging in-front of thousands was too much for him. Chiling also quipped: “I’m shy as I need to hug in-front of so many fans!‘, she immediately apologize to the fans!

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