Andrea Fonseka talks about her marriage to lawyer husband

4 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Since Andrea Fonseka got hitched to Australian lawyer Paul Dewar in 2009, the marriage has more or less been a long-distance one. According to an article in The New Paper, she revealed that they haven’t been spending much time together.He has been travelling extensively for work and was in the US for a business trip.And she will return to Perth only in the middle of this month, after her work commitments here and in Malaysia.She said: “We are spending one month apart in the span of two months, but it is not a bad thing. Sometimes, seeing each other less makes the passion between us grow.“I still put in an effort to dress up, put on my jewellery and my nicest dress and go out on a date with him once a week.‘She had moved to Australia about six months ago and in the past few months, Fonseka had taken on the role of the understanding housewife and did the laundry, cleaned the house and cooked.She said with a laugh: “I put dinner on his table, and he is not a fussy eater, so he makes do with it.‘She said: “I am turning 30 next year, and I want to make full use of this time to do many things, be it hosting or acting. I would love to host a travelogue as I haven’t done that before.‘

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