Is Andie Chen ready for fatherhood? Find out how he's been coping

22 January 2014 / 3 years 4 months ago

From not wanting to get hitched to becoming a husband and a dad-to-be. Andie Chen admitted that the transition has not been easy but he is relishing the challenge.

He and wife Kate Pang, who is not working at the moment, now stay in an apartment in Taiwan, reports The New Paper. They intend to have their baby, who is due on July 1, there.

Said Chen, who currently stars in Taiwanese drama Independent Heroes: “Life is different when you are a husband and a father.

“I can’t just do what I want because I feel like it because now I am responsible for my wife and my kid. This is the first time that I’ve had to share all my space with someone as this is the first time that I’m staying together with someone.”

One of Chen’s priorities now is to take care of Pang and make sure that she gets through her pregnancy as comfortably as possible.

Pang has been having mood swings and is worried that she will put on a ton of weight.

Chen said: “She gets upset when she feels bloated so when she gets grumpy I have to know how to make her less grumpy. For example, I will keep telling her that she looks very beautiful when she’s feeling insecure about her figure.

"As for being a dad, I’m quite calm about it, it will play out as it’s supposed to be. I’m reading up on parenting books now.”

Pang, who is four months pregnant, can hardly see her baby bump. Yet, weighing 51kg when she is 1.65m-tall has been taking its toll on her.

“I’m frightened that I will get really fat so ideally I want to put on a maximum of 10kg. I’m used to being 47kg so I’m not used to feeling swollen and plump. I blame the junk food that I was eating a lot of in the first few months.”

Pang also revealed that she had a revulsion to vegetables during the first few months of her pregnancy.

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