Amy Chan has anxiety disorders from husband's debt

3 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

According to Hong Kong’s Oriental Sunday magazine, Amy Chan is still repaying millions in debt her husband, former ATV star Lam Gwok Hung (林國雄) left behind.Lam's outstanding debt and its effects on Amy Chan was the subject of a recent report on JayneStars.Lam Gwok Hung’s astronomical debt, which included credit card debts, bank loans, and other unsecured bills, have been accumulating since 1997. Lam Gwok Hung immersed in studying Buddhism, while reportedly refusing to take responsibility over his own debts, leaving Amy and their son to struggle on their own.Exacerbated by the pressures of perpetual debt worry, Oriental Sunday claimed that Amy has developed a form of anxiety disorder. Looking much plumper than usual, the 51-year-old actress-singer was recently spotted going grocery shopping with her friend at the fruit market. Amy looked very weary and seemed to be having hair loss issues.Despite having to pay off her husband’s debt nearly single-handedly, Amy still remained quietly supportive of Lam Kwok Hung. As a result of her husband’s financial mismanagement, Amy’s close relationships with family friends, Poon Fong Fong(潘芳芳) and Christine Fong (方國珊) became estranged.In 2008, Amy’s office at the ATV Studios in Tai Po was splattered with big posters and blood-red ink, demanding Amy to pay off the million-dollar loan her husband left behind.On January 10, 2009, Amy’s younger sister, Charine Chan (陳加玲), issued a three thousand-word statement that listed all of the incorrigible deeds Lam Gwok Hung had committed as a husband, father, and a human being. Charine urged her sister to learn how to distinguish true love from blind love and the differences black and white.That same day, Charine angrily spoke to the press about Lam Gwok Hung and his debts. Charine disclosed, “In 1997, he borrowed $3 million HKD from me, but he lost all the money in two months. He never told my sister that he borrowed money from me, and even told her not to respond to my phone calls!‘ In the next several years, Lam Gwok Hung spent all $30 million HKD of Amy’s savings.“I cannot violate my conscience!‘ exclaimed Charine. “This is a warning to all the women out there ‘“ when you are searching for a boyfriend and a husband, make sure he is a good man! It is okay if he doesn’t have a job, just be responsible. We all cared for [Lam Gwok Hung] once. When he was in trouble, we would all help him, but he had let us all down one by one. He had betrayed all of us!‘Charine became even more furious as she continued her rant, “What’s worse was that he used religion against us! Soon after he married my sister and got her pregnant, he went to become a monk [figuratively]. Is that called love? He treated my sister like his money tree and ATM. All of my sister’s money was given to him! He even forced my sister to be his loan guarantor! My mom loved my sister the most. My mom was so worried she developed cancer, and she was still worried about my sister when she passed away‘¦.‘In response to Charine’s explosion of anger, Amy responded with the famous poem, “Cooking beans on a fire of beanstalks, the beans weep in the pot. Born of the same roots, why the eagerness to destroy one another?‘ The poem was written by Cao Zhi to his brother Cao Pi, the first emperor of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China.

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