American adaptation of Boys Over Flowers announces lawsuits against its own actors

4 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Boys Before Friends, the American adaptation of the international hit series known in Korea as Boys Before Flowers, released a detailed statement announcing lawsuits against three unnamed cast members for "blackmail, libel, extortion and defamation."

The statement makes several serious accusations against the trio (referred to as Actor A, Actor B and Actress C), including sexual harassment, illegal drug use, and making false accusations of starvation and abuse.

According to an article on Drama Fever, the following is the press release attributed to WillKinn Media. No edits have been made to the text.


Boys Before Friends Files Lawsuits Against 3 Former Actors For Blackmail, Libel, Extortion and Defamation.

"Los Angeles, February 22 , 2014: Since the very beginning the Boys Before Friends production has been plagued with hardships including lack of funding, bad employees, and actors who didn’t want to be on set. Today, Boys Before Friends, has fired back and filed lawsuits against 3 former actors for defamation, blackmail, extortion and libel.

The 3 actors, A,B, and C had a long history behind the scenes of trying to cause trouble before being let go from the series. Boys Before Friends has remained silent but the recent accusations that have been made by actress C against the production after she was let go has forced the production to fight back.

"According to production, the trouble started long before filming for the series ever begin.

"Actor A arranged a meeting with several cast members shortly after the cast was announced. Actor A talked to the cast about getting together and demanding more money from production.

"When several actors refused, Actor A’s manager called to demand higher payment and special items from production. Actor A was let go from the series but managed to call and work things out with the producers by agreeing to lower pay and to a morality clause that Actor A never ended up signing.

"Once filming of the production began, things with Actor A seemed great until about episode 4 where Actor A and Actress D came together and said they would no longer come to set until the financial problems with the series were worked out. At the time, Actor A and Actress D had paychecks that they felt were two days late.

"Since day one a small portion of the cast including Actors A, C, and D were among a group that felt that the show couldn’t go on without them. They would show up not having read the script, not having looked at their lines, refusing to wear the clothes that had been picked out for them and talking back to the director instead of doing the things she told them to do, they would do what they wanted.

"So an email went out to the cast stating that people needed to know their lines, be professional, wait for their paychecks to be mailed to them, and to stop causing drama or their roles would be recast.

"Actor A and Actress D, decided to send out a notice to cast members stating that they would not come back to work but they wished the rest of the cast the best with production.

"Allegations that the production was a scam, the series was a fake, that actors were being starved, abused, not being paid , etc were made to the SAG organization in an attempt to get Boys Before Friends shut down.

"Actor A’s management called to let production know Actor A would not be returning to set but tried to work out a deal where Actor A could return to set. That would have been an option but Actor A, then emailed the cast that production was lying to people and hiding something and that the Boys Before Friends production was not going to go anywhere.

"Actor A stated that he didn’t really believe in the project but wanted to see where it would take him and see if he was able to get something better out of it. Actor A and his manager demanded their last and final payment which was hand delivered to the manager’s office.

"Then Actor A went to SAG and reported that Actor A was owed additional funds and again made accusations in an effort to get the production shut down.

"Actor A then went on social media and made claims of unsafe environment, that Actor A was fired from the show for no reason, and that Actor A left because of mistreatment not because of money. Since then, we believe that Actor A has been working with Actors B and C to try and get them to quit production to again shut production down.

"Actor B, had a minor role on the show and left one day for another audition after only being on set for 45 minutes. 4 hours later, when Actor B still hadn’t returned to set, Actor B was told that the scene was being given to someone else and that Actor B would not be needed any longer.

"Actor B was paid for half a day but is now demanding that he be paid for a Full day. Actor B has sent production a letter stating that if we do not pay additional funds, Actor B will go to SAG and join with Actor A, Actress D, Actress C and testify to get the production shut down."

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