Amanda Seyfried looking forward to baking with her grandmothers over Christmas

27 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Amanda Seyfried loves to bake during the Christmas holidays.

The 'Lovelace' star is looking forward to heading back to her family home in Pennsylvania for the festive season and indulging in culinary delights she makes with her grandmothers.

She said: "I always look forward to seeing my grandmothers in Pennsylvania, and I also like to bake."

Despite gorging out on mince pies, Christmas turkey and alcoholic beverages over the holidays, the 28-year-old actress admits she enjoys exercising and settling down with a good book when she gets some time off from her busy schedule.

She explained: "I do Krav Maga, read, knit and hike in my free time."

The blonde beauty is also looking forward to spending some time with her pets when she returns home to see her family.

She added in an interview with Teen Vogue magazine: "I have a dog named Finn, a cat named Fran, and a new kitten named Diane."

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