Alvin Chau tells wife and mistress Mandy Lieu to stop fighting

24 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Ever since both his wife Heidi Chan and girlfriend Mandy Lieu got pregnant at the same time, Alvin Chau has been sandwiched by the two women.

The media has also been reporting about the rivalry of the two women and all their dirty linen was washed in public, said Asian Pop News.

Alvin has reportedly instructed both Heidi and Mandy to stop their rivalry, and news of both women have quietened down for a while.

Meanwhile, Heidi has also been sharing her newborn baby's (Damiana) photos on her Facebook. Heidi has dressed her daughter like a mini Russian doll, and little Damiana looks so adorable and cute.

Next month, Alvin’s eldest son Chau Pak Ho will be graduating, and the whole family will attend his graduation ceremony in England. Alvin has also reportedly agreed to visit Mandy and her daughter in London. Will there be a new storm?

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