Alvin Chau plans to buy HKD100 million gift to pacify wife about lover's baby

5 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Both Alvin Chau’s wife, Heidi Chan and girlfriend Mandy Lieu gave birth to his daughters within two weeks.

It was supposed to be happy occasions for the Macau gambling tycoon, but instead, he got a big headache sandwiched between his wife and girlfriend, reports Asian Pop News.

Mandy was said to have leaked her birth news to the media, and this in turn provoked Heidi who was about to give birth at that time.

Alvin was reportedly very angry with Mandy and quarelled with her.

As for Heidi, she was very upset with her husband for lying about Mandy’s pregnancy. Heidi also confided to a friend that she was utterly disappointed with her husband for lying to her many times.

Since Heidi has given birth, Alvin has been trying to patch things back with her. Everyday, he flies from Macau to Hong Kong to visit Heidi, and helps to take care of their baby. He even stays overnight with her at the hospital, and leaves only the next morning to Macau for work.

Alvin has also been reprimanded by his friends and family since Mandy’s birth news surfaced. To pacify his wife, Alvin intends to give Heidi a detached villa, that is worth around HKD 100 million (approximately S$17.4 million), after she discharges from the hospital.

Alvin also dares not travel to London to visit Mandy and her daughter for the time being, for fear that this would upset Heidi during her confinement period.

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