Allan Wu is back in the dating game -- and lists qualities he looks out for in a potential mate

20 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

At 41, Allan Wu is ready to date again.

The US-born actor-host is back in Singapore for good after having relocated to Shanghai with his family for work two years ago.

News broke last June that Wu and local actress-host Wong Lilin had called it quits after 10 years of marriage.

Wong, along with daughter Sage, nine and son Jonas, seven, then moved back here a few months before Wu.

Now, he is excited about meeting women of "all colours, shapes and sizes".

Women who are not afraid of the sun will score points in his book.

Said Wu: "It's been a while, I'm a born-again single.

"My life had centred around Lilin and the kids (for the last decade) so the opportunity costs were that I didn't have time to spend with my friends.

"Right now I want to focus on my kids and find someone to be with.

So what is Wu looking for in a potential mate? She should be fun, loving, humorous and someone who likes to stay healthy.

It would also be best if she were bilingual in English and Mandarin like Wu is.

Said Wu: "I'm the kind of person who when I meet someone, I will kind of know if we'll be good together.

"It's important for me to meet more people now.

"Apart from not being afraid of the sun, I hope she's a non-smoker too."

Wu said that before marriage, he had one serious girlfriend, his college sweetheart.

He said: "You never know. Maybe someone that I've known from my past is The One."

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