Allan Wu and Wong Li Lin attend mediation

4 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago
Celebrity couple Wong Li Lin and Allan Wu attended a mediation session yesterday as part of their divorce proceedings.
They announced their divorce in June through their management company Fly Entertainment, reports The New Paper.
Wu, 41, a former host of The Amazing Race Asia, turned up for the session alone just after 9am. He wore a white long-sleeved shirt and dark jeans and carried a black backpack.
He later emerged from the rest room wearing a black blazer.
About 10 minutes later, Wong, 40, arrived, also alone. The former Triple Nine actress was wearing a white, flowy midi-dress and a long-sleeved maroon cardigan.
It is unclear how long the mediation session lasted, but at 3pm, Wu tweeted that he was at Changi Airport to fly back to Shanghai, where he has been based since 2011.
Wong and their two children moved there with him that year.
Wong and Wu, who married in December 2003 in Los Angeles, have an eight-year-old daughter and a seven-year-old son.
Wong returned to Singapore early last month and has been tweeting about unpacking and keeping her children busy with activities and homework.
Wu returned in mid-July and has tweeted about outings with his children to Wave House Sentosa and to watch The Wolverine movie.
Since her return to Singapore, Wong has been busy promoting and selling her Loopz Fitness exercise band as well as organising free trial classes at a Claymore Hill dance studio.
Fly Entertainment boss Irene Ang told The New Paper yesterday that she could not divulge any details about the divorce.
"I've spoken to both of them because this is something they need to tell us... We are representing them so we need to know," she said.
She confirmed that Wong had returned to Singapore for good, but Wu is "still travelling".
Ang said that a statement about the divorce would be released "after everything is settled".
She added: "Divorce takes a while. We should respect their privacy as they both want the best for the kids.
"We will give them as much time as they need. I don't want whatever we do to affect the kids, to grow up and hate the mother or the father, you know, that kind of situation."
When asked if the two Fly artists will no longer be appearing at Fly events together, Ang said: "They're both very mature and professional. They're not like teenagers, break off and 'I cannot talk to you or be seen with you'.
"In this industry, these things happen all the time. I think after a while, you need to know that work is work, private life is private life.
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