All your favourite K-pop girl bands will face off -- in unusual competition

9 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

To celebrate this year's World Cup, which will take place in Brazil starting in June, MBC will be having a 'Idol Futsal Championship' special in which male idols will be competing in futsal, a variant of soccer on a smaller playing field.

This has been followed by rumours that the female idols may possibly be competing in cheerleading, reports All K-pop.

JoyNews24 reported that the cheerleading championship will include AoA, Ladies' Code, Nine Muses, Jewelry, miss A's Jia and Min, Sunmi, SISTAR's Soyu, SECRET, Hello Venus, After School, BESTie, Rainbow, Dal Shabet, and TINT.

One broadcasting rep revealed, "The idol futsal competition and girl group's cheerleading face off will happen together. The girl groups are diligently preparing for cheerleading. They will be creating a different, fun spectacle from the idol futsal competition."

The program rep said, "We are still tuning up the detailed content and participants in relation to the program as there is still a lot of broadcasting and recording time left."

However, a rep from MBC told OSEN on May 8, "It's true that we were going to prepare for the girl group's cheerleading championship, but it hasn't been confirmed yet. We are going to do the 'World Cup Special Futsal Championship' as planned, though."

This whole program had a chance of being canceled in light of the tragic ferry accident, but it was ultimately decided to continue as planned. However, the cheerleading portion seems to be up in the air still.

Regardless, the special will begin filming at the end of May and broadcast before the World Cup opening in June.

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