All that money from movies but Jackie Chan leaves nothing to kids

21 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: The Daily ChilliWhile Jackie Chan gets ready to leave his huge legacy as a martial arts and action hero star to stunt doubles and CGI wizardry, his own kids are getting practically nothing from his legacy as a dad.The 58-year-old megastar recently announced that he's written his last will and testament, and he's basically split his fortune to his wife Joan Lim, who stood by her man after his affair with actress Elaine Ng in 1999, and bequeathed the rest to the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation.Meanwhile, Joan's and his son, 30-year-old singer and actor Jaycee Chan, will inherit whatever his mum thinks he deserves."Don't worry, my wife will give to Jaycee," Jackie assured reporters during his recent publicity trip to KL for his latest action flick CZ12."When I made my will three weeks ago, I made sure that half of everything goes to society. But if I had to divide another 25% to my children or grandchildren, that would be too troublesome. So I'm leaving that problem to my wife."Jaycee isn't the only child left out by dear old dad. Etta Ng Chok La, the daughter he had with Elaine, won't lay a finger on a single cent either. In an earlier interview with the Hong Kong press, Jackie told them it was "pointless to acknowledge her status" now.Jackie's billionaire status is set to get a boost from several blockbusters in the pipeline. There are talks for a Rush Hour 4, his hit action comedy series starring Chris Tucker.Between 1998 and 2007, the three previous movies raked in US$850 million at the box office. "[Part four] could be something entirely different, like Rush, Rush or something," he said.He'll likely partake in the third instalment of the star-studded, testosterone-fuelled action series The Expendables. "Sylvester Stallone asked me to do Expendables 2, but I was doing CZ12 then," said Jackie."He's asked me again for Expendables 3. I told him, I hope it's going to be a character with more than a few scenes and I wish it were more of a 'buddy movie'. He said, 'OK, I'll try' and he's writing the script now."He's also working on Police Story 2013 and Skiptracer, another buddy flick that would pair him with a male counterpart from Hollywood. What's more he's planning another album, on top of making a musical about his life."I'm calling it I Am Jackie Chan," he revealed. "It'll be a story about me, the start of my career, how I met Bruce Lee, how I enrolled in martial arts school, and my path to Hollywood. It would also touch on my love life."No chance that he'll star as himself in the musical though. "I'm too old for that," he admitted. "We're looking for child actors to play my younger self." And maybe to portray his kids, too.

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