All this hype about Jay Chou's wedding -- but he hasn't even proposed!

27 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Singer Jay Chou divulged that he will hold two wedding celebrations, one in Taiwan and the other in a secret location overseas.

It would not be in Paris, as rumoured, said the Mandopop King, who has two months to keep his vow to fans that he will marry by his 36th birthday in January. But he promised that the wedding proceedings will be made public.

He was at a press conference on Tuesday introducing his music video for CUG, the band he helped his friends, actor Ken Lin, and dance instructors Ice Cream and Hsiao Mai to form.

According to an article on ST Communities, he said he has not proposed to girlfriend, model Hannah Quinlivan, 21.

But the wedding is unlikely to be understated, with Ice Cream saying he has seen the wedding pictures and the bridal couple has ditched the usual wedding attire for many grand costumes.

"It feels like a music video," he said.

Ice Cream said he was the matchmaker. He said Chou got to know his future bride after he invited the model to join them on their dining and singing outings.

Chou started to pursue her after she left an initial impression of being guileless and pure, he added, as reported by Apple Daily.

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