Alice Chan: A villainous seductress is born

27 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Making her small screen comeback in Friendly Fire , Alice Chan (陳煒) is happy that people still remember her when she walks down the street. She hopes people will still appreciate her acting. Heavily utilized by TVB, Alice is currently filming Sniper Attack 2013 , which also features Michael Tse (謝天華).Alice’s acting career began after winning the 1996 Miss Asia beauty pageant. She starred in numerous ATV dramas and close to a dozen movies. She left the industry for a brief period of time after marrying a Taiwanese businessman in 2008.After marriage, Alice traveled the globe with her businessman husband. With little time in Hong Kong, Alice took a hiatus from acting. Now back in Hong Kong, Alice wished to follow her passion for performing and decided to join TVB. Compared to ATV, Alice called TVB a bigger and better operation, which will enable her opportunities in portraying different roles.First Time as a VillainAlice portrayed a villain role for the first time in Friendly Fire. Alice will make her appearance in episode 17 of the drama, which will air in early January. “This will be my first villainous role, but if you see me walking down the street, please don’t start calling me names! I play a ruthless CEO of a corporation planning to take back what once belonged to my family. In the process, laws will be broken, and I will get to seduce the lawyer played by Derek Kwok (郭政鴻).‘ Alice was worried she could not handle the role, but things turned out fine with the help and support of the production crew. Alice is hoping viewers will like the new her.Absent from acting for 4 years, Alice is concerned this may affect her performance. Working in a new environment also worried her. Luckily, she was able to get to know her coworkers quickly, allowing her to focus on acting. In Friendly Fire, Alice will have flings with Michael Tse (謝天華) and Derek Kwok.Intimate scenes with Derek will raise some eyebrows. When going over the script with Derek Kwok, the two, being professionals, decided that a half-hearted approach would not cut it. They should either abandon the scenes, or go all out. The two spent a lot of time deciding how to approach the script to get the full attention of the viewers.Hopes for an Even Better FutureAlready looking ahead for a better 2013, Alice said, “Other than staying healthy, I would like to get to play different roles. In the past, I was not been able to portray different types of characters. This is my chance now, and I hope the audience will like my performance. By the way, in my next drama, Sniper Attack 2013, I get to play a villain again!‘

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