Ali Bhatt won't ride into Bollywood on father's fame

22 October 2012 / 4 years 1 week ago

Source: Tabla!THE desire to be part of India’s movie industry was obvious when she was just four: Little Alia would dance to Hindi movie songs in front of the mirror. And now that she’s 19, she’s making the big move... but not along the route most people would have expected her to take. She’s staying far away from her famous movie producer father Mahesh Bhatt and, instead, is making her debut with none other than Karan Johar with Student of the Year which releases worldwide on Oct 19.“I had decided that I wouldn’t be launched by my father, so I auditioned for Student Of The Year and I lost weight,‘ says Alia, of her journey to a role in Johar’s new movie which stars a trio of newcomers. The other fresh faces are Varun Dhawan, son of director David Dhawan, and Siddharth Malhotra, both former assistants of Johar.Alia adds: “I was largely influenced by Karan Johar. Right from the time that Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was released, I cut my hair as short as Kajol had in the film.‘Well aware that to be the heroine of a film directed by Johar is much coveted even by senior heroines, she adds: “I remember getting ready for my first day of shooting, which was almost a year ago ‘“ I was just sitting at home on the sofa, not able to get up. The thought that I was going to start shooting for my first film, directed by Karan Johar, hit me hard.‘Johar has known Alia since she was just a child ‘“ his producer father Yash Johar was making films with her father Mahesh Bhatt as the hero (Gumraah, Duplicate) ‘“ but never thought he would be directing her one day. “I remember my dad made me buy a chocolate for her. I thought...oh God, these spoilt kids of movie directors and the things we have todo,‘ he quips.Then he turns serious and reveals that it has been Alia’s dream to become an actor from the age of four: “Alia came in a school uniform to see me... her mother tells me she used to dance to all movie songs in front of the mirror.‘Not surprising because besides having a film-maker father, Alia also has in the family actresses in the form of her mother Soni Razdan and her elder half-sister Pooja Bhatt.As for her decision to avoid making her debut with her father, Alia says: “I had decided that I wouldn’t be launched by my father’s production. Why would my father not want to launch me? But that would have been an easier option. I wanted to work for it. I wanted to go somewhere else. Like I auditioned for this film, and I lost weight, I had to present myself in a way that I would be accepted in their film.‘Now things have changed... and Johar says: “After a series of auditions, photo sessions and dietician and gymnasium visits, I think she has the zing to face celluloid at any point of time.‘

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