Alex To overshadowed by superstar groomsmen on his big day

23 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: AsiaOneSinger Alex To, 50, wed 26-year-old Ice Lee on Nov 11 in Hong Kong, where To's showbiz pals like Eric Tsang, Jackie Chan, and Jackie Cheung were included in the star-studded guest list.But To's band of celebrity groomsmen threatened to overshadow the groom himelf when he went to receive his bride in the morning.The "band of brothers" included actors Tony Leung, Kenny Bee and singer David Lui.The high-wattage presence of Leung and Bee got residents in the neighbourhood very excited, as they rushed up to them to pose for photos, reported Chinese news media sources.When asked about the traditional hazing rituals in the morning, To replied that the bridesmaids were all too "smitten by Leung's electrifying eyes" to make things difficult for him.The couple also held a post-ceremony celebration in Taiwan on Nov 21, which was attended by Taiwanese celebrities like Wakin Chau, Tian Xin, Kang Kang and Huang Pinyuan.At the retro-themed wedding dinner, To and Lee thanked their guests for their presence and expressed their love for each other.In his speech, To thanked Ice's parents for "giving birth to such a good daughter", and added: "I would like to announce to the world that I'm a married man, and say sorry to all those who like me. From now on I will strive to make Ice happy, to be the one to accompany her every night and wake her up every morning."Ice also thanked guests for witnessing their union, drawing the analogy of "a beautiful wine which has taken 50 years to cutivate". She told To that "with you as my husband, not only am I blessed, but my parents and siblings are also very happy, because you are a 'very cool' ray of sunshine."

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