Alex Fong shows off his new muscles in underwear ad

16 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Alex Fong is the latest Hong Kong star to undergo a full body transformation.

Alex recently showed off his new body in an underwear ad.

Although he was once a competitive swimmer, Alex has not competed in the past decade, instead focussing on his singing and acting career.

Working with his personal trainer Orlando To, who happens to be Alex To's elder brother, the 34-year old successfully resculpted his body.

He achieved his new look through a rigorous workout plan including daily cardio and strength training, as well as a strict diet comprised of vegetables and lean protein,

Four months later, Alex successfully lost 12kg.

For the ad however, Alex turned to a near-starvation diet shortly before the photo shoot, drinking only water. His abs became more pronounced, though his face also became more sunken and hollow.

In addition, Alex suffered from terrible mood swings. After the shoot however, he gained 6kg over a few weeks, bringing his weight back to a more normal level.

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