Alec Su denies offering Milk Tea Girl $2 million yuan to star in new movie

6 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Director and actor Alec Su has dispelled rumours on his Sina Weibo microblog that popular personality, Zhang Zetian, better known as her online moniker, Milk Tea Girl, will be starring in his new movie.

Rumours were circulating recently that the Zetian was going to be paid $2 million yuan to star in the 40-year-old's new movie, Left Ear, based on a popular book, reported

He explained that he was compelled to make a statement on this as the rumours were getting out of hand.

He said that when he and his producers were looking for the right person to fill the role, and they did audition Zetian. But due to other reasons, the role was not given to her.

Alec also said that the role has been filled. They found a girl who fitted the personality of the character and are looking forward to start productions.

Milk Tea Girl Zetian is one of the top Internet celebrities in China.

She became famous after a picture of her holding a cup of bubble tea was circulated online. The photo went viral and she became known as the "Milk Tea Girl". 

She recently interned at Microsoft and was seen at a promotional event as its intern product manager on May 29, 2014, reported

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