Alaric Tay names newborn son after lead character in Hollywood movie

17 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, but local actor Alaric Tay has been so busy with his newborn son that he forgot all about it.The 33-year-old star of Channel 5’s popular satirical comedy series The Noose and his wife Juliet, who’s in her 20s, welcomed baby Elijah on May 23.He told The New Paper: “I didn’t even know it was Father’s Day. Maybe I’ll buy myself a trophy that says ‘˜Best Nappy Changer... Ever’.‘Being a first-time dad had been surreal for the Fly Entertainment artist so far.He said: “I’ve seen many friends become dads and it’s no big deal. But now that I am a dad, it is a very big deal.‘Taking care of Elijah has, however, been a tiring and challenging process. Tay battles sleep deprivation and wakes up at odd hours daily.“It’s almost like a rite of passage for parents to go through these sleepless nights with your newborn. Yes, it’s tiring, but I also feel proud to ‘˜come of age’.‘However, he admitted that one of the low points so far has been trying to figure out what his baby’s various cries mean.“Sometimes you think you have nailed it and then it backfires because it turns out to be something else. It can be quite frustrating and discouraging,‘ Tay said.“But I would confidently say that every other moment being in his presence is a high for me.‘Juliet opted for a caesarean, section and Elijah was born in a short 20 minutes.The couple named him after the titular character played by Hollywood actor Denzel Washington in the movie The Book Of Eli (2010), which tells the tale of a nomad who has to carry out an important mission in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world.Tay said he and his wife appreciated the film as it was a story about courage, strength and faith, which led them to the decision that if they were to have a son, they would name him Elijah ‘“ Eli for short.Tay added: “It is a biblical name, and we are Christians, but that’s not why we chose the name.‘Although right now his hands are full, he thinks it will be nice to have one more child, especially a girl, as she would bring a good balance to their family.But for now, Tay will always remember the first moment when Elijah was born.“When Elijah popped out, our doctor turned my baby’s head towards me. That was a nice touch because I was then the first person he saw when he came into this world... whatever blurry image he had of me, that is,‘ he said.Tay, best known for his role as nasal-voiced reporter Andre Chichak in The Noose, has put all his work plans on hold at the moment and is working one day a week before returning to his job full time next month.The couple have hired a confinement nanny, to take care of his wife and their general needs.Tay said: “Each day presents new challenges. We discuss them, speak to friends, try different methods, pray very hard and hope we are doing our best as parents, providing the best for our boy.‘He added: “Lots of planning and prioritising will be involved to juggle my life between family and work. There is a lot of added responsibility.“Being responsible for yourself is one thing, but having another newborn human under your care is a huge responsibility.‘

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