AKB48's Kaoru quits group due to health concerns

26 October 2012 / 4 years 3 days ago

Source: JPOP ASIAAKB48 member Kaoru Mitsumune has decided to leave the group due to her health issues that have prevented her from performing at her best.The idol made her announcement on her official blog through a post titled "From Mitsumune, To My Fans". "My physical condition hasn't been good for a long time. It has become hard for me to stand in front of everyone in perfect condition. This has definitely caused problems for those around me and also created a huge personal burden, so I have sent in a notice about my withdrawal," the post stated.Mitsumune's poor health has prevented the singer from participating in various AKB48 projects recently. The singer couldn't participate in the group's Tokyo Dome concert as well as an event for the movie version of "Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou".Mitsumune was originally scheduled to join Team K on November 1st.

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