AKB48 weren't punished for dating guys

26 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

AKB48’s general producer Yasushi Akimoto has denied there is any rule against his girls in terms of their romantic relationships, and says those girls who end up being sacked, demoted, relocated to distant islands or shaving their heads in shame all do so for unrelated reasons.The scandal engendered by Minami Minegishi, where she shaved her head and offered a public apology after spending the night with her boyfriend were commented upon by AKB48 general producer Yasushi Akimoto in a recent radio interview, reports Sankaku Complex. He maintains the girls are free to indulge in all the romantic activities they want, them losing their jobs or shaving their head as being only coincidental:He said: “I don’t want to talk about any more it as it will cause misunderstandings. The rule about there being no romance allowed is used as material and talked about and stuff, but there is certainly no such rule. It’s like a high school baseballer looking to play in the major league at the Koshien stadium ‘“ he probably wouldn’t have time to pursue romantic relations. But I’m saying if they really like someone it can’t be helped.‘Instead he blames their creepy fans for forcing him to not punish the girls he manages, and said, “Think of what the fans who support them feel is acceptable when these scandals occur.‘He also explains why the level of sanction which is applied to the girls for reasons entirely unrelated to their dating varies so drastically, with some girls sacked and others given free reign:“There is no rule against it, and no penalty is established. As well as warnings from a manager after rumours begin to circulate, we have to consider their past activities, their character and so on.‘The girls must choose between their own relationships and the one they have with their creepy obsessive fans, he concludes:“We try everything, and we still get blamed for it all. They are free to make their own choice when it comes to romance, and they may may choose romance even when their fans hate knowing they have a boyfriend.‘

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