AKB48 loses two members as Yuka Masuda gets embroiled in sex scandal

1 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: Jpop AsiaPhotos: Sankaku ComplexJapanese girl group AKB48 will take to the stage without members Yuka Masuda and Natsuki Sato after both opted to leave the group for different reasons.Yuka Masuda made a decision to withdraw from AKB48 after she was embroiled in a sex scandal that stemmed from reports of her spending the night at the home of Da Pump's Issa Hentona.A report in a weekly magazine had implied that the two have become intimate in the stay-over. While Yuka denies the claims made in the report, she admits to spending the night with ISSA."I've caused trouble by doing this, leading to a misunderstanding from many people...I thought a lot about what I should do, and in order to take responsibility for my actions, I am withdrawing from AKB48 even though this is a sudden announcement," she wrote on her blog.Meanwhile, Natsuki Sato rocked the group further by announcing her departure yesterday (Nov 30), though for reasons that were not as sensational as Yuka Masuda's.The 21-year-old has revealed a desire to go to school and "do my best to be seen as a human being".Natsuki, who joined AKB48 six and a half years ago, also said that she plans to exit the entertainment industry for good and, thus, does not have plans for a solo career. In a parting statement, Natsuki said: "The people I've met, the time we've spend together; those are my treasures and will be the foundation of my future. Thank you for the good times".

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