AKB48 Acchan's embarrassing ribbon-cutting fail at event

18 April 2013 / 4 years 2 months ago
Maeda Atsuko’s fail at ribbon cutting ceremony for Chloe’s 60th annivesary event at Isetan department store, Shinjuku.

AKB48wrapup said, "Just watching her getting upset as her scissors won’t cut the ribbon well makes us soooo awkward.

The fail happened because she tried to use the scissors with her right hand at first despite the fact that she is a left-hander.

But thanks to this fail, this has become news and there is even a video of the scene online.

Don’t you think her awkwardness made the woman next to her look all the more gracious, asked AKB48wrapup.

"It’s a bit unfair for her to be on the same stage with this incredibly gorgeous Chloe’s creative director who was standing next to her being side by side with such grace, Acchan just looks like a baby!
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