Aimee Chan's son to be born at Christmas or New Year

10 October 2013 / 3 years 1 week ago

Aimee Chan, who is 7 months pregnant, attended a TITONI Swiss Watch event recently.

Aimee wore a black dress that clearly showed her bulging belly, and showed off her sparkly wedding and engagement ring, reports TVB Newsworld.

When asked if she was carrying a boy or a girl, Aimee said: "The baby is a boy. He will be either a Christmas or New Year baby."

Aimee said she will remain in Hong Kong to give birth to the child. "Only women can have this experience, I hope to really enjoy the progress, so I won't choose a date to go into labour.

"The baby can choose whatever date and time he wants to come out. I'll leave this responsibility to my baby."

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