Aimee Chan won't have private Valentine's Day party with Moses Chan

27 January 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Aimee Chan, Ruco Chan, Tony Hung, Lin Xiawei and Samantha Ko attended the blessing ceremony of TVB's new series Unrequited Love for Two Cities. Aimee revealed that she'll get to spend Valentine's Day in Hong Kong with her colleagues in the filming studio. AsianEU Forum reported that when asked if she'll celebrate early with boyfriend Moses Chan? Aimee said: "Actually I said this before, any day could be Valentine's Day. There is no need to designate one day for it, but I respect that day."Aimee feels gift exchange isn't necessary, it is already a very good gift if she has time to spend with her other half. When asked if she'll visit the 'studio next door' and have a secret party, Aimee smiled sweetly. "That romantic? I cannot do that. We don't usually go to the 'studio next door'. Once I get into character, my colleagues know not to mention Moses Chan otherwise I'll jump right out of my character. I put my personal character down and once I start working, I don't even answer phone calls. I cannot be distracted." 

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