Aimee Chan is expecting again -- can you guess the gender of the baby?

31 October 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

In her fourth month of pregnancy, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) announced that she is having another boy.

Since the birth of her first child Aiden Joshua last December, Aimee has taken an extended hiatus from acting in TVB dramas.

Aimee’s mother, who normally resides in Toronto long-term, especially flew to Hong Kong to take care of Aimee during her second pregnancy.

With additional help in watching Aiden Joshua, Aimee continues to make promotional appearances, reports Jayne Stars

With three males in the house soon, will husband Moses Chan ( 陳豪) and her two sons be fighting for her attention?

Aimee smiled, “I’m not afraid. As a woman, I’ll be very happy. The two brothers will be best friends; their ages are very close with only one year and two months apart.”

Unafraid that their close ages will make Aiden Joshua jealous of his younger brother, Aimee said, “I think it’s okay. Aiden Joshua is independent and already possesses the personality of a big brother. I’m not too worried. I’m going to prepare a gift for Aiden Joshua in the name of his baby brother.”

After having her second child, Aimee would like to return to work while balancing family life.

Although she and Moses would like to have a daughter, they will wait until the boys grow older.

Aimee said, “We’ll see if we can handle two kids first.”

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