Aimee and Moses Chan name son without fengshui master's help

20 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) and husband Moses Chan (陳豪) have finally decided on a Chinese name for their three-month-old son Aiden.

The couple only had an English name ready when they welcomed their first child in December. Following western naming conventions, their son was given the popular first name Aiden, and a middle name Joshua, named after the Biblical figure who eventually succeeds Moses.

Recently celebrating their son’s first 100 days with a family trip to Thailand, the new parents are now ready to announce their son’s official Chinese name. After consulting with their parents and sifting through numerous choices, Aimee and Moses settled on Chan Chi Yip (陳梓燁); Chi meaning the catalpa tree, and Yip symbolizing splendid brightness.

Aimee enthused over the name at a public event on March 17. “It is very meaningful. ‘Chi’ is a special tree and represents success; ‘Yip’ means glory and brilliance. The characters have beautiful shapes, and the name sounds nice when read out loud. It’s a perfect name!”

Unlike other Chinese parents, Aimee and Moses did not seek a feng shui master’s help to come up with an auspicious name. Aimee believes that a name serves only as a basic foundation, and that the child’s personality will be developed according to his own will.

Despite their more modern approach to baby-naming, they made sure to give their son a good start by testing his name against a long list of criteria, reports Jayne Stars.

“Since the name will follow him for his entire life, it must be meaningful, uncommon, sounds nice, and accepted by our parents it as well.”

More importantly, Aiden himself seems satisfied with his Chinese name. “When he heard me call him ‘Chi Yip’, he responded by saying ‘goo, goo’ [good]!”

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