Ahreum slams rumours that 'spirit possession' forced her to leave T-ara

12 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Former T-ara member Ahreum has spoken up about recent rumors that have appeared concerning the 'real reason' behind why she left the group to go solo, reports AllKPop.As ridiculous as it sounds, rumors say that Ahreum was suffering from a bad case of spirit possession. Supposedly, the only path to cure herself of the paranormal disorder is to become a shaman, and her family has been attempting to exorcise her. There are also speculations that she hasn't been acting like her normal self, and so it was impossible for her to continue with T-ara.Osen, Sports Seoul and Seoul Newspaper reported that she took to her Instagram to comment on the rumors."Come on. Don't stick yourself into another person's life when you don't even know the full story. You didn't even see it with your own eyes and you didn't hear it from me personally. "Is that okay to do? This isn't right. I'll treat you to a meal, so please contact me directly to tell me who started this talk. I don't want it to end badly. I won't explain. I'm okay as long as I know it's not true. "I won't say this twice. You'll think what you want anyway since it's not your life. But as Ahreum, who can't live without her dreams, I'm posting this bravely. From today forward, don't bother my boss or agency family."

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