Ah Boys To Men star Maxi Lim: 'Girls love my muscular legs'

7 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Ah Boys To Men star Maxi Lim says his baby-smooth complexion, muscular legs and doe like eyes are a hit with the ladies.

A New Paper report stated that though his co-stars are constantly ribbing him for being “fatter‘ than them, he credits his easy-going nature for being able to take these jokes in his stride.

Lim may look like the most “fleshy‘ one among them, but the other guys admitted that he is also the most fit. His secret lies in the fact that he’s a martial arts fanatic.

He said:

“You know a lot of guys have the problem of having a well-built upper torso, but have skinny legs? When I wear shorts, a lot of girls are always commenting that I have really nice, muscular legs. Martial arts is the key to being really toned."

As for my skin, I use toner sometimes, when I can remember. I take spirulina, which I think helps keep it looking good."

He said another feature of his that is also a big draw for women is his pair of doe-eyed peepers as he has extremely long eyelashes.

Lim said that out of convenience, he has chosento wear black contact lenses instead of the usual clear ones.

He said the lenses don’t make his pupils any larger, unlike those beauty lenses that are the rage with teen girls who desire bigger-looking eyes.

“My eyes are naturally big. I chose black contact lenses because I can see the lenses so much better when I put them on in the morning.

“Now I don’t have problems seeing which parts of the lenses are concave and convex, and putting them in my eyes is a breeze."

Women may love his eyes and legs, but his favourite part on them is surprisingly their shoulders. A pair of well-built, broad shoulders is extremely attractive to Lim, who sees it as “something very sexy".

To attract the currently single dude, women should also be willing to pamper him with delicious food. Said Lim: “I can’t think of anything nicer than being surprised by a nice, hot breakfast in the morning, cooked for me by my other half. Food that comes from the heart is always a hit, no matter what it is or how it is cooked.‘

But try not to be late if you’re going on a date with him. Punctuality is of utmost importance to the guy, who said his biggest fear in life is being late for a job.

When asked to bring his favourite thing for our photoshoot, he brought his favourite Kenneth Cole watch as it symbolised his love for punctuality.

Said Lim: “I bought this watch after the two Ah Boys To Men movies achieved box-office success ($14 million combined).

“It’s special to me because it reminds me of howfar I’ve come.‘

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