Ah Boys to Men star feels he's 'old' -- at 19 years of age

28 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

At the tender age of 19, Noah Yap comes across as someone far wiser than his years.

Don't be fooled by his cheeky smile and playful mannerisms.

The baby of the Ah Boys To Men cast says he was forced to grow up quickly.

His "old soul" is evident when he tackles questions on love and life.

Yap, who plays Ip Man in the hit Jack Neo army flick, told The New Paper:

"I've been hurt a lot in the past."In previous relationships and with friends, I was too trusting and ended up being cheated of my feelings.

"Now I know that once you're too nice to people, they will end up making use of you.

"I'm not jaded to the extent that I'm not open to making new friends, but it takes time for me to trust someone.

"He considers himself lucky to have met co-star Maxi Lim, who plays Wayang King.

While filming, the pair got on like a house on fire and, a year on, they still call each other almost every day to talk about "everything".

Lim, 26, said what drew Yap to him was that they were in tune with each other's emotions and comic relief timings.

Said Lim, who couldn't stop laughing:

"The day I bought my nice Kenneth Cole watch, I called Noah and told him about it.

"You know what the guy said?

"Huh? Kenneth Koh? Who's Kenneth Koh? Got this designer, meh?

Yap's last relationship was two years ago and he said he was badly burned by his then-girlfriend.

He said he was heartbroken when she broke up with him and turned him down when he asked to patch things up.

Although he knew they weren't compatible, he still had feelings for her.

He has since learnt that "time heals everything", although his preferences haven't changed - the Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts theatre student still isn't attracted to straightforward women, although he says they are far less likely to hurt him.

Said Yap, who's also a vlogger:

"I like girls who play hard to get.

"Those who make you work for it so that you will cherish what you have achieved.

"Say if I ask to kiss her and she says that I must earn it, I will be excited at the challenge.

"Of course, if we're in a stable relationship, it has to be all systems go. The hard-to-get part is nice only during the courting process.

"Yap, who has a weakness for shapely legs on a woman - "they don't have to be long as long as they look clean and smooth!" - hasn't met any potential dates recently.

Girls, take note: Liking cheese would probably be a plus.

Yap loves cheese on all his food and he brought it along for our photoshoot.

One thing that scares him is meeting an attractive girl who turns out to be a horror movie buff - Yap is terrified of anything frightening on the silver screen and can't bear to sit through even a minute of it.

"That time all the Ah Boys To Men cast wanted to watch this horror movie and they forced me to go with them.

"I had no choice so I wore sunglasses and put my headphones on throughout the show."

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