Ah Boys To Men premiers in Taiwan

12 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Jack Neo’s Ah Boys to Men  premiered in Taiwan two days ago. Jack led his 'army boys’ to promote the movie, and the lead actor Joshua Tan is also being dubbed as the 'Singapore’s Kai Ko’.

Responding on his new nickname as 'Singapore’s Kai Ko’, Joshua said, “I saw him (Kai Ko) in Singapore before, but he is taller and fairer than me. I feel very honoured given this title." reports Apple Daily and FTV News.

Known as “Lobang‘ in the movie, Wang Wei Liang shared his mother’s reaction when he was asked to star in the movie.

“When I told my mum that I was given a role in this movie, she asked if Jack Neo could not find anyone else and had to use me. I have to thank Director Neo for his grooming.

‘To publicise the movie, the young cast gave their best in a push-ups competition against the Taiwanese cast from Rookies’ Diary, which is also an army-related drama.

Joshua eventually used 30 seconds to do 37 push-ups and won for his team. The cast was also rewarded with a hug each from a sexy, hot babe.

Joshua later was asked to perform push-ups with the babe seating on him. A blushing Joshua said, “I just broke up with my girlfriend. It felt amazing with her sitting on me."

The movie is by far the highest grossing Singaporean film in Singapore. Star Cruises has also sponsored three, movie sessions at the Taiwan premier, contributing NT$200,000 of box office sales.

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