Agree? Miss A's Suzy looks like she works part-time at an internet cafe

19 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago
Impressions are always a powerful thing, even in the celebrity world.
These are K-pop stars and the jobs netizens envision them doing if they are not celebrities.

What do you think about the list of "jobs" Korean netizens envision their celebrities to be working as? Do you think they match up to their image?

K-pop idols featured in the gallery, are in this order:

1) miss A’s Suzy: A pretty part-timer at the local PC room (internet café)

2) SISTAR’s Hyorin: Girl who lives at the club

3) T-ara’s Eunjung: Journalism major who took a semester off

4) IU: Ticket collector at a local amusement park

5) Secret’s Zinger: Professional female boxer

6) Secret’s Hyosung: Recreation instructor

7) Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon: School hoobae (junior) who has the male student population at her fingertips

8) SISTAR’s Bora: Captain of the cheerleading squad

9) T-ara’s Jiyeon: Student who always bails` during project meetings/work

10) Girls’ Generation’s Yuri: The minister’s daughter

11) Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon: Music student majoring in strings

12) Kara’s Han Seung Yeon: Pretty thief

13) 2NE1’s Park Bom: Guest on tvN’s “Martian Virus‘ (reality show that stars people with strange behaviors/habits)

14) 4minute’s Hyuna: Employee at a local hair salon

15) f(x)’s Krystal: Employee at a multi-level marketing, company

16) 2NE1’s CL: Female platoon leader

17) Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung: Guest on KBS’s “Life Theater‘ (a documentary about people’s lives)18) Brown Eyed Girls’
Narsha: Owner of a manicure shop.

19) Kahi: Employer who gets cussed out by her employees behind her back

20) APink’s Naeun: Pageant winner at a local festival (Jeju Mandarin Agasshi)21) Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany: Accountant who was employed for her looks

22) Kara’s Gyuri: Winner of the female league for video game Sudden Attack

23) Secret’s Han Sun Hwa: Weather forecaster who made a mistake during a live broadcast

24) Kara’s Kang Ji Young: Taiwanese exchange student

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