After School's Lizzy shocks observers when she showed her face without make-up

27 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Idol Girl group After School members revealed their naked face through reality program ‘After School’s Beauty Bible.’

In KBS W’s new beauty variety program ‘After School’s Beauty Bible,’ Jung-A, Juyeon, and Lizzy are covering the beauty life of Asian Women in Hong Kong. On the second day of the cover, production team attacked the After School’s room, trying to give them a surprising morning call.

Because of production team’s unexpected visit, After School’s Jung-A, Juyeon, and Lizzy had to show their naked face to the camera.

Especially, Lizzy, who have quite different look before and after the makeup, had to be teased by other members. However, by showing her special make up knowhow called ‘Secret that turns small eyes to big eyes,’ Lizzy showed her aspect of professional journalist.

Lizzy’s special makeup knowhow and After School’s tearful effort to find the newsworthy cover can be found in second episode of ‘After School’s Beauty Bible.’

Meanwhile, the program will broadcast on December 30, 9:50 PM at KBS W Channel. (photo by KBS W)

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