After School raises eyebrows with unconventional pole dancing

16 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

After School has not only outdone themselves but arguably every girl group performance that has ever been put on stage.In their showcase event, After School brought out the poles on stage and filled their entire choreography with acrobatic, high-difficulty moves on and around the poles in the performance of "First Love", reported KpopStarz.Fully arching their backs while on poles and performing quick pole spins, the members of After School brought out the ooh and aahs from the crowd. When asked about the choice of dance routine, After School said they preferred to call their choreography pole art rather than pole dance, which has an improper connotation that refers to R-rated dance often performed by showgirls.Displaying a wide range of moves, they hope to show more than just sensual moves involving poles.The group also revealed that they took seven months to train and master the moves they showed on stage. For a 4-minute performance, it is a huge investment."We could not even stay on the poles at first. It took a whole month to be able to remain steady on poles. Because we started using muscles we normally did not use, we began aching everywhere."But as we began to master one move at a time, it became fun. We felt a tangible sense of accomplishment," After School recalled., After School's original performance involves four full-length poles that each weigh over 200 pounds and cost around a thousand dollars. Transportation, assembly and disassembly of the poles are fully operated and supervised by After School's managers. Although it is hard to predict how the public will react to their polar art choreography, After School is open to tweak a few moves here and there if they become controversial at any point.They are flexible, as made apparent through their on-stage performance of "First Love." It remains interesting to see how their unconventional dance will be received by K-pop fans.

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