Advertisers may also sue Clara after she accused agency's CEO of sexual harassment

28 January 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Source: Soompi

Clara may soon face lawsuits from advertisers.

According to insider sources, companies for which Clara is a spokesmodel are preparing to take legal action against the actress for damaging their company’s image with her ongoing legal tussle with management agency Polaris Entertainment.

Specifically, the companies are saying that they can no longer use her as a spokesmodel, citing recent media reports that claim that Clara was playing the media with her accusations of sexual harassment.

A source from one company told, “We signed an endorsement contract with Clara last year in December, and with something like this happening in just one month [into the contract], we are also taken aback. We are having serious internal discussions about this matter.”

The source also revealed, “Right now, all product promotions by Clara have been suspended. Although the term of her contract hasn’t expired, we are considering terminating [her] endorsement contract as well as taking legal action regarding her liability.”

A spokesperson of a different company commented, “Internally, we are examining the grounds of her liability as a spokesmodel. We plan to take action after observing how Clara and her agency’s dispute proceeds.”

Last December, Clara filed a lawsuit against her management agency Polaris Entertainment for contract release, citing sexual harassment by CEO Lee Jong Myung.

Polaris Entertainment responded with a criminal suit saying that Clara breached her contract several times and fabricated a sexual harassment story to try and get out of her contract with the agency.

In the ongoing legal dispute, the full text conversations between Clara and Polaris’ CEO have been released.

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