Adverse reactions against Psy's new video

16 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

While Psy's new song, Gentleman, has been breaking records worldwide, it has also garnered some adverse reactions.An article on The Asian Parent, for example, explained why a kid might get the wrong ideas and values from watching Psy's latest video.Below is an excerpt from that article:As the new “in‘ thing and a popular trend among many youngsters, kids in Singapore would definitely have caught or are eager to watch the newest music video, Gentleman, released just last week. Mums and Dads might think that PSY’s latest stint is a harmless and funny viewing and could even make for a lighthearted family dinner table discussion. In his seemingly innocuous video, however, inconsideration and unacceptably rude behaviour looms behind the facade of enthused and vigorous dancing that works hand in hand with blase entertainment in its crudest sense.Superficially comic and entertaining, PSY’s slapstick humour goes beyond the typical funnies to convey a deeper meaning. Consequently, what makes this apparently low-brow video menacing and discouraged for child viewership is in fact its very subtlety in not just condoning such misdemeanor but actually promoting it by glorifying the ungentlemanly actions materialised by PSY. What frightens us and many parents is that in the long run, exposure, to such discourteous ideals might influence children to act in such a manner too.

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