Adam Sandler thought he was going to die when cheetah attacked him

12 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Adam Sandler thought he was going to die when a cheetah attacked him.The 'Grown Ups 2' actor was on safari in Africa when he was invited to feed the animal with his bare hands but the encounter turned into a nightmare after the cheetah jumped on his back, leaving him helpless.Adam, 46, told chat show host David Letterman: "This is a true story. I went there, and they let me in with a cheetah...and said I could feed the cheetah water with my hands. So I did it, and it went a little bit wrong."They said you're not supposed to bend down low with the water. I was very was fast."When he jumped on me, all I was going to do was let him eat me. "There was not one part of me that was going to fight back. I was like 'alright, this is how I'm dying.' "Cameron Diaz had better luck when she worked with a cheetah on her new movie 'The Counselor' in which her character keeps the animal as a pet.A source previously said: "When Cameron first started working with the cheetah it was strutting about like it owned the place. But now she's wearing the trousers."It has taken a shine to her, which is good because they've had to shoot a number of scenes together, including a set-up where they shared a bed."While there was a risk of Cameron getting attacked by the dangerous animal, there, were handlers around at all times to supervise what was happening.

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