Adam Sandler blasted by Sony Pictures executive in leaked emails

22 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Hollywood star Adam Sandler has been called an "a**hole" by Sony Pictures executive Amy Pascal.

The 'Anger Management' star was criticised by embattled Sony Pictures executive Amy Pascal after he demanded $200 million for a new film and a raise for a production buddy, leaked emails show.

Studio executives at Sony were angered by the 48-year-old actor's behaviour during the making of the animated film 'Hotel Transylvania 2'.

In a leaked email written by Pascal to Hannah Minghella, of Columbia Pictures, she said: "Adam is an asshile and this is more his fault than anyone's but what we did was not communicate with each other and make assumptions (sic).

"Maybe I didn't pay attention when you were telling me what I was walking into but it also comes from . . . no one taking responsibility and I mean myself as it is my responsibility to let you guys know what I want to breath life into."

In another email written by Doug Belgrad, president of Sony's motion-picture group, he claims Adam is angry that he no longer enjoys the success he achieved earlier in his career.

Doug wrote: "You said yourself that Adam was gonna be angry and . . . you couldn't fix what was really bothering him, that he isn't the guy he once was and nobody can make that better for him."

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