Ada Choi's New Year's Eve celebration was ruined after THIS happened

4 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

To celebrate the start of a new year, Ada Choi (蔡少芬) took her two daughters to Hong Kong Disneyland. Unfortunately, Ada’s wallet was stolen while there.

After reporting the incident to the park security, the wallet was recovered. Regrettably, the $10,000 HKD cash inside was missing. Ada quickly called her credit card companies to deactivate the cards.

Ada praised the Disneyland staff for being helpful throughout the incident. However, she expressed that there should be more improvements to ensure the safety of visitors.

According to Jayne Stars, she said, “I wanted to view the security cameras to see if I can recognize the thief, but the park refused and said the panning camera was viewing the opposite side at the time of occurrence.

That side of view is actually really important. Someone could definitely bring in dangerous items. Perhaps the camera should not be panning?” Although Ada had every intention of thanking the person who found her wallet, the person declined the attention.

“I wanted to take a picture with her and post it to publicly thank her, but she declined. And my daughter was also whining about being hungry at the time, so I was feeling a little overwhelmed.”

Being a religious Christian and strong believer in God, Ada does not blame the person who stole her wallet.

Although it has caused her a lot of stress and a roller coaster of emotions, Ada holds to the belief that bad people may one day turn good.

“Many unfortunate events in the world happen because of human actions! Hope that the bad people will one day turn good. The world will be more peaceful! I am still grateful for 2014. This year has been beautiful! Wishing that in 2015, all the bad people will turn a new leaf!”

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