Ada Choi furious after getting 'kidnapped' on China highway

22 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Recently, Ada Choi has been focusing on filming Mainland dramas. Her latest drama Empresses in the Palace has brought her a rise in popularity, thus she's often attending functions in the Mainland. 

However, Ada encountered unfortunate events in Xi'an and Tianjian. Not only was Ada forced to go to another function that wasn't mentioned in her contract, she was also stopped by several cars on a highway, reports TVB Newsworld

She felt as if she had been kidnapped, and was extremely angry at Der德尔, the company responsible for the incident. 

She is currently consulting her lawyer to take legal action against the company. Ada was so angry she posted photos from the incident and an apology letter from Der德尔 on Weibo.

She wrote, "It was too terrifying! How could such a thing happen! Yesterday I went to Xi'an for a function, we only signed one contract to attend one event at one location. I never imagined I would get forced to attend another one.

"The car just took me to the shopping mall and told me to get out of the car. Yesterday the company sent me an apology letter and declared that nothing like that will ever happen again in Tianjian!

"The arrangements at the Tianjian functions were a huge mess and I'm already very upset. I already did everything I was suppose to do according to the contract, but I never thought the event organizer would come stop my car, while I was already on my way to the airport.

"This is the first time I felt my life was at danger, I felt like I was getting kidnapped! God! How can this happen! The only thing we could do was call the Public Security! Fortunately, the Public Security got to the scene on time and took us to the airport.

"I'm still very scared now. I am extremely angry at the involved company's shameful act!"

Ada's husband Max Zhang angrily scolded the culprits on Weibo, "What were you guys trying to do?! You guys said one thing in the apology letter, but then what are your actions like? You guys trying to bully a woman?

"She fulfilled her duties according to the contract, but then she's asked to do something outside the contract and that's call not cooperative?

"You guys were controlling her freedom, no different from kidnapping her. Ask any woman whether they would be scared to see several big cars stopping her car on the highway?

"You guys scared a woman that much, its not going to be simply telling you off."

Good friend Monica Chan said, "That is just too terrifying, please respect the contract!"

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