AD2's Amy admits filming explicit videos to please ex-BF: Manager

10 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

The manager of AD2 girl group has admitted that the two racy videos which went viral recently was member, Amy, reported 

According to the report, the manager, Simon, said the videos were shot by her ex-boyfriend, a rich second generation.

He added that Amy only shot those videos to please her ex-boyfriend -- whom he calls a "cheap man". 

She has shot a total of 24 such videos. 

Manager Simon also clarified that she was with him not for his money, but that she really loved him. 

Even though they are not together, Amy does not wish to press any charges as she still loves him. 

After they were leaked, rumours circulated that the videos were used to attract businessmen for monetary transactions. 

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