Ad starring Miss Malaysia Carey Ng was too controversial for TV

17 October 2013 / 3 years 1 week ago

Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 Carey Ng has not had an easy reign. First there was the very public break-up with her singer-songwriter boyfriend on Facebook.

Now, the TV ad starring Carey has failed to take off due to censorship, reports Daily Chilli.

Carey was cast in a MyEG (Malaysian E-Government) ad that poked fun at the large numbers of blue-collar foreign workers in Malaysia. In the commercial, a group of illegal immigrants at a coffeeshop panic when some government officials arrive to check on their work permits and travel documents.

However, insiders reveal that TV stations could only run a heavily edited version of the ad after the Censorship Board became nervous of what the commercial was implying. Stories of illegal immigrants being shipped in as phantom voters during the elections was big news, so the final cut of the had had all scenes with foreign workers deleted. 

According to sources, the Censorship Board complained that the original ad portrayed Malaysia as being overrun by illegal workers who were victimised by the authorities, and that anyone could renew a foreign worker’s permit.

But last week, the agency that made the ad, Mantra Communication, posted a director’s cut of the commercial on its Facebook page with the message, “Have you seen the latest MyEG TVC? This is the 12″ extended remix you’ll never get to see on TV. Shhh… ;)'

View screengrabs from the ad, as well as other photos of pageant contestants in the gallery below.

Watch the video here: Banned MyEG "AsianCafe" commercial

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