Actresses in TVB calendar refute photoshop criticism

5 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Samantha Ko, Rebecca Zhu and Priscilla Wong attended the SaSa Ladies' Purse Day event held at the racecourse. Samantha had a cute Catwoman mask on that wasn't as sexy as Rebecca Zhu's low-cut red dress, showing off her career line. 

Samantha and Rebecca were part of the TVB Calendar 2014 phoot shoot. Samantha disclosed: "When we were taking pictures, I had a cramp in my leg because I had to stretch it out so much. My legs were aching so badly."

There were criticisms that the calendar had too much photoshop, and there was some doubt on Samantha's long legs. She quickly clarified: "I wasn't photoshopped! My picture was original."

She said she's 5 feet 8 inches tall and possesses 40-inch long legs, which were of course not as long as Sharon Chan's 43-inch legs.

It was also said many artists were out of place in the calendar pictures, such as Eric Tsang being in a higher position than Nat Chan, reports a Tvbnewsworld article.

Samantha questioned: "Huh? What does it matter if he stands in front or back? The whole picture is the priority. The photographer CK is very well known. Everyone's poses seen in the photos were actually done. Each time they count to three, we all make the moves and won't finish until the crew's satisfied." 

Rebecca Zhu did the splits in the picture and denied that the pictures had been photoshopped. It turns out Virgina Lok was the one who suggested that she do the challenging pose.

She said: "At first I was just posing normally, but then Miss Lok asked me to do a high kick. I did a few kicks and it was ok."

It was said when she did the high kick, her dress could have fallen back down. Rebecca laughed: "During the photo shoot, 1 second goes by quick. Actually I taped the end of my dress to my shoes, so I wouldn't trip on it. The next day, I had back cramps."

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